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Questions to Ask Your Stylist

I want to color my hair, but I'm concerned about maintenance. What should I do?
Discuss it with your Redken stylists during your color consultation. Your Redken Stylist will advise you about using great products like the Redken Color Extend haircare collection that will keep your haircolor looking salon fabulous between visits.

I color my hair myself, but I want a big change. Should I go to the salon to have a professional stylist help me with this dramatic look?
Absolutely. Just bring in your ideas and your inspiration such as photos or magazine pages, and tell your Redken Stylist what kind of haircolor you have been using. Your Stylist will transform your hair to just the look you want—you will really see and feel the difference in your hair with professional salon color.

I'm worried that coloring my hair will damage it. Is that true?
Some haircolor products are high in ammonia and/or contain minimal conditioning ingredients which can result in noticeable damage to your hair. Redken haircolor products are developed to condition your hair as they color it, leaving your hair looking and feeling better than it did before.

I'm just starting to go gray. Is there a way to blend the gray into my natural color?
Yes. Shades EQ Equalizing Conditioning Color Gloss is perfect for blending away gray for natural looking results.

My hair is very long. Will that make it harder to color?
No. Your stylist will take your hair's length into account when creating your custom Redken Color formulation. However, longer hair tends to have drier and more porous ends, and therefore may require a different formulation than your roots.

I'm happy with my hair's natural color, but I'd like it to be shinier. Is there a product that will do that?
Redken's Shades EQ will do just that—your stylist can glaze your hair with a clear gloss, which will not affect your color at all—it will simply make it shinier.

I've tried to cover my gray hair myself and it didn't work. Will I get better results in a salon?
Yes. You will benefit from your Redken Stylist's expertise. He or she will create a custom color formulation for you with Redken products that are designed to blend or cover gray, and use expert application techniques to give you just the look you want.

I tend to have allergies. How can I be sure I won't have a reaction when I get my hair colored?
Your Redken Stylist will give you a "patch test" 48 hours prior to your color service. He or she will clean an area about the size of a quarter on the inside of your elbow, and then apply a test solution of the color formulation. If no reaction occurs over the next 48 hours, then you are ready to color.

Can I color my hair and have another chemical service (such as a permanent wave or relaxing) on the same day?
It depends on the type of color service you get. If a demi-permanent color is applied, generally you can have another chemical process on the same day. If permanent color or some types of highlights are applied, Redken recommends waiting a week to ten days for your color after another chemical service.

How much should I expect my color service to cost?
Costs vary from salon to salon, and from stylist to stylist—and of course they depend on which color service you have done! Generally a single process color will be less expensive than highlights or more complicated color services, but confirm with your salon when you call to schedule an appointment.

How do I know how much to tip my stylist?
Tipping customs vary across the country. A good guideline is to tip 15-20% of your total bill. If your stylist had an assistant such as someone who shampooed your hair, it is courteous to also tip that person.

If I'm not happy with my hair after it's been colored, what should I do?
Your stylist wants you to be happy. Good color results start with a good consultation—come to the salon prepared (visit the Before The Salon for some tips), and be clear about your desired look. If you are unhappy with your color for any reason following the service, discuss it with your stylist as soon as possible to see how the situation can be remedied.



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